Performance Computing is excited to announce a brand new service.

Remote Monitoring & Maintenance is a monthly or yearly subscription service with several options to allow us to remotely monitor and manage your PC and keep it in peak operating condition.

Depending on the plan you choose, we can:

  • monitor your PC for errors and impending hardware failures
  • maintain your PC by cleaning up temp files and unwanted programs
  • monitor your antivirus for issues, updates and infections.

With these services, we will know about problems and fix them, potentially before you even notice there is an issue.

Trouble-free computing is possible!

Performance Computing now has an Online Scheduler!

Click on the link and you will be able to book an appointment with me right from my website. It is linked to my calendar so my avaiability is live and up to the minute!

Try it out and let me know what you think!

VIRUS! If you got an email claiming to be from WhatsApp, DO NOT open it. Delete it immediately. The email is a hoax that contains malware.

If your computer is 5+ years old and it is behaving strangely, don't wait to get it fixed. You may lose data if you wait!

Microsoft just pushed out IE11. To fix broken websites click Gear at top right, click Compatibility View, click Add, click Close.

Invoice number 5000! Thanks so much to all my loyal customers. It is a pleasure working for you.
Lifetime CO2

Lifetime CO2 for EVs vs the rest. In BC, my Focus Electric will produce 1/4 the CO2 of Prius, 1/3 of Plug In Prius.

On May 21st 2013 I took delivery of my new Ford Focus ELECTRIC. It is a truly amazing car. It gets around 130-140KM of range from a single charge and recharges from empty in under 4 hours. There are also over 120 FREE electric vehicle chargers in the Fraser Valley.

2012 Ford Focus Electric

I just discovered HootSuite, an amazing website/app that creates a control panel for managing social media websites.

VIRUS - Attacks using Remote Desktop port 3389. Copies user data, SQL and Exchange databases to passworded rar file. Change your RDP port!

If you're looking for a Windows 7 computer I can still get them from my supplier.

If you use SkyDrive make sure folder and file names are not too long. Long file names cause Skydrive to crash and go to Welcome Screen.

SCAM ALERT - Another call claiming to be from Microsoft saying PC is infected and they need to take control to fix it. Don't fall for it!

Joomla 3.0.3 was just released. I am very close to using it for production sites. Twitter bootstrap rocks!

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is advising people to temporarily disable the Java software due to security flaw.

If you want a start button for Windows 8, try Start8. It's the best start button replacement out there.

Be aware. Windows 8 RT tablets currently do not support web browsers other than Internet Explorer.

I just setup a great solution for sharing 1 USB printer with 2 PCs automagically. You can buy it from NCIX.
Motherboard Siding

I found an interesting use for old motherboards. Siding for the tech shop on Bowen Island!

VIRUS - Email from Canada Post, UPS etc claiming package delivery failed. The attachment is a bad virus. Don't open it!

VIRUS - Live Security Platinum. Variants damage system files, tries to get you to buy it for $60. Remove it ASAP!

Secunia PSI is a great program for checking to make sure your programs are up to date. I use it on my own PCs.

VIRUS - Called Security Shield. Best defense is to make sure Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader are up to date.

TIP - If you keep a lot of emails, you may want to avoid Windows Live Mail. I just dealt with 2 separate customers today with major issues.

TIP - raising PCs and powerbars off the floor, even if only 2 inches, can save you from a flood. Small styrofoam blocks won't absorb water.

Tis the season for PC crashes. In spring & fall when the weather changes, power supplies and hard drives frequently die.

Still running XP? If your PC is more than 5 years old, upgrade soon or make regular backups. Hard drives only last so long.

If you need to reboot a separate modem and router to restore your internet, make sure the modem is online before plugging in the router.

When in doubt reboot! This applies to computers and other devices like routers and modems... If you are having problems, try rebooting first.

When you get popups about updating Adobe Reader, Flash Player or Java, you must do these updates or you will be open to viruses.

CMS stands for Content Management System. One common example of a CMS website is Wordpress... another is Joomla. We use Joomla regularly to build custom designed websites that the owner can update with new content on their own. It is very simple to do these updates - you don't need to know any code - just type in articles or other content and publish it to your site with a click of a button!

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