What is Syncro?

Syncro  is a Monitoring, Maintenance and Remote Access applications that we can install on your computer. The free version can notify you of problems and the subscrition version can automatically fix problems and maintain your computer.

Free Trial Until Sept 1st, 2020

As an introduction to Syncro, we are offering a trial of the full featured Subscription version of Syncro . If you don't want the subscription version after the trial, it will revert to the free version.

If we installed our previous monitoring software, we have tried to upgrade you automatically. Look for our logo at the bottom right of your screen near the clock.


Syncro Basic:


  • Monitor devices for issues and errors
  • Email you notifications when issues are found
  • Hard disk nearly full
  • Hard disk requires defragmenting
  • High CPU and/or RAM usage
  • Hard disk errors and failures and bad areas
  • Antivirus out of date or disabled
  • Firewall disabled
  • Application crashes
  • Blue Screen error detected
  • Remote Support to your device requiring your permission
  • Ticket system to request support
  • Online appointment booking


Please contact us to arrange setup.

Syncro Advanced

$19.95 per month per PC (Not available for Mac yet)

  • All of the Free Version features PLUS
  • Automatic remediation to identify, diagnose and fix issues
  • Cleanup hard disk if nearly full
  • Defrag hard disk if fragmented
  • Repair hard disk index errors
  • Find and mark bad hard disk areas unusable
  • Remove malicious browser extensions
  • Report new scheduled tasks for review
  • Hard disk errors reported for follow-up
  • Blue Screen errors reported for follow-up
  • Hardware errors reported for follow-up
  • Automatic scheduled routine maintenance
  • Install and monitor Windows Updates
  • Install updates for 3rd party Apps like Adobe Reader
  • Run Disk Defragmenter to improve performance
  • Run Disk Cleanup to remove old system and temp files
  • Run Check Disk to fix disk index errors
  • Run System File Checker to repair corrupt system files
  • Monthly reports to summarize what alerts have been generated and what remediation has been done to maintain your devices and keep it running at peak performance


Please contact us to set up your subscription

How do I get  Syncro?

If you previously had our monitoring app (called Itarian) installed, we have attempted to automatically remove Itarian and replace it with Syncro (95% success).

Look for our logo in the bottom right corner of your desktop near the clock. If our logo is there, you are already set up and have until June 1st to evaluate it.

If you do not see our logo and would like to try out Syncro , please send an email to the following email address:


This will create a support ticket for you. Once I receive your support ticket, I will email you back with a link to download and install Syncro on your computer.

You can also call or email me directly if you would prefer more assistance to set up Syncro.




Why Syncro?

For years I had been installing a free application called Itarian to provide basic monitoring and install updates for customers that wanted it. It was simple and included only very basic features, but the price was right.

The Itarian application performed basic monitoring and Windows and 3rd Party Updates for these customers, which resulted in their computers being more reliable.

As of January 1st 2020, Itarian now charges for each device with Itarian installed. With almost 300 customer devices running Itarian, I had to make a choice. Itarian has been removed and replaced with Syncro for those customers that previously had Itarian installed.

Syncro is far superior compared to Itarian in every way. My hope is that the subscription version of Syncro will make customers computers even more reliable than those that had Itarian installed.


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